FOUNDATION: the defining chapter

FOUNDATION: the defining chapter

FOUNDATION is the official name of the upcoming collection by Exclusive the Label. Do not be deceived by the name as this collection is not to be perceived as a rebirth of the brand or an erasure of its past collections. Instead, Foundation, is what Exclusive's designer and owner, Alicia, deems to be a defining chapter in the brand's history.

This collection will pay homage to those that have been released prior while setting the tone of what is to be expected from the brand moving forward. The past collections are to be viewed as the concrete slab that has been laid to build Exclusive the Label to be the fashion house that it is destined to be.

According to, foundation can be defined as the natural or prepared ground or base on which some structure rests. The same definition is a key point of inspiration behind the collection's concept. As a whole, the collection pulls threads from the brand's history book of designs while weaving in new ones to present a collection that encapsulates the brand's future to be bold and captivating yet sometimes smooth and subtle. 

Foundation is set to release early 2024. Locals to Memphis, TN and surrounding areas will be able to catch a preview of the collection on December 10th, 2023 at the Category Fashion Show where Exclusive the Label will be featured. Tickets to the event are still available and can be purchased here

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